First licensed as GM3VDA in 1966, 9V1OL in 1967,
ZL1BJQ in 1970, now active again after nearly 15 years QRT.
March 2011 update, update-
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Early days, 1966, building was always fun.
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First homebrew receiver. 1966. Double conversion, first IF 1.62 Mhz, second IF 85Khz. Hole is for front end, an Electroniques coil pack which included the first mixer.

Top right, homebrew copy of a 10 watt top band Codar Tx. Below it, a Lafayette rcvr.
The homebrew rcvr going well and the DX40. The DX40 kit arrived one afternoon, it was operational before breakfast time!! XYL just could not believe it!  (Pete, ZL3AQN now has the DX40). We used to enjoy CW. 9V1OL about 1967. Eventually gave in and bought a Yaesu FT DX400. Then put up a cubical quad on top of a lattice tower made of Teak. Teak was cheapest timber I could find!!
I don't recall the Codar 10 Watt Tx which I copied from the circuit as being so well known. It seems that it was well regarded. The only Codar part in my Tx was the tank coil. I wrote and asked them for one which they sent to me.  Those were the good days! Pity I dismantled it, 'still have that tank coil.

Nov 2010 update.
The picture of the "shack" (top left side of page) shows the four-PL519 linear now in service for several months. Driven with about 60 watts from the FT 450 just over 400 watts is fed to the 3 band hexbeam at 25 ft.  Yes - we need to tidy up a bit but not my "forte" I'm afraid. When it works I am likely to pull it apart and make another one! I take my hat off to those with pristine shacks and show room layouts.
Some stations worked are largely the result of joining in to John's (EA7BA) 20Mtr net which he runs from the south of Spain. It gets very busy too. In no particular order, VK5AEP, G3EDM, G0CRJ, G4TLY, M0CJW, EA7G0WHX, EA7WUU, EA8/G3PJK, G3TLD, G4WMP, EA7FXU, G4YER, M3STG, and several others.  A few 15mtr contacts have been made and quite a lot of 80 and 40 mtr stations worked esp VKs.  I am not a slave to log keeping, another shortcoming. However it seems my station holds it own very well judging from all reports. Good quality audio means more than sig strength too, having both is a bonus.  
March 2011.
813 linear progress is steady. Preliminary tests to find tank coil taps are good. Meter shunts and multipliers are set and front panel is finished.  Homebrew safety pie wound choke turned out to be 3.7mH. We will use it although bigger than needed.
Now waiting for HV doorknob caps for tune and load cap padding to satisfy 80 mtr matching. Tank coil tapping points have been found using 5 watts from an FT450  and a non inductive load across the 813 tube.  The load used was initially 11K8. Another run using 9K made only a small change, so will leave it 'til HV caps arrive.  Pic shows SWR mtr, and also pwr supply to energise the ant' relay whilst feeding in 5 watts.  Even the rel pwr meter moved!!
Front panel.
Preliminary coil taps. Only two copper links are in. Decided to wait for HV doorknob caps.

I will post results if ever this linear flies, if you don't hear the bang - assume all is well.....
If and when it works I will add the circuit.
Meantime we just keep on fiddlin'.....
The single 813 linear is now being tested.
It is clear that 10mtrs output is useless. Min C is too high.
My choice of plate impedance at 9K is likely too high for even one tube and the over ambitious 3000V on the plate has not been realised.
20 mtr output looks good and has allowed testing of several 813 tubes.
See the update page, I am about to rebuild it with two tubes and use what I have learned so far!  The tank coil taps will need changing of course along with the heater tranny.  Heathkits were much easier !!

We all need a change now and then
A Mendocino motor is a nice toy.