Today I removed the base from my "beautiful" Russian GMI-11 tube.
This was to be for my next linear amp.  The glass is cracked across one of the pins!! 
It is extremely unlikey to have broken in transit, it was very well packed, mounted in its base and
the carton was not damaged. The glass on the base seems about 1/4" thick, it's rugged.
The socket pins are floating relieving stress.
Both pictures show the thick glass is cracked across the pin. I have no idea if the tube will work or not but it sure is a bad start!
The tube was bought directly from  QRO Parts.  Their policy is one of nil guarantee and no returns or refunds.  This may discourage taking such a risk again. At last I have learned!! Education always was expensive.......

Irrespective of blame or conjecture as to when the glass was cracked here lies a lesson.
buy from a company that states no guarantee, no refund and no returns.
It could be a license for all sorts of mischief! I said "could be". 
Had I purchased through Ebay I may have been able to use their resolution service.
We can't blame postal handling for everything.